Orangeburg, South Carolina

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in South Carolina

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Orangeburg, South Carolina

Orangeburg churchOrangeburg, South Carolina is a county and county seat in the Piedmont region of South Carolina. Nicknamed “The Garden City”, Orangeburg is located between the capital and the coast. Orangeburg is home to several prominent landmarks, including South Carolina State University, the only state funded, historically black land-grant institution in South Carolina.

SC State is a crucial part of Orangeburg History. The site of some of the first Civil Rights protests in the 1960’s, SC State has played an integral part in attaining equal rights for minorities and beginning an era of social activism in the United States. SC State is joined in Orangeburg higher education by Claflin University, the oldest historically black university in the state of South Carolina.

Racial History is a point of historical interest in Orangeburg. During the Civil Rights Movement, Orangeburg was a hotbed of protest and was the site of the Orangeburg Massacre, a shooting of Civil Rights Protesters in 1968.

Downtown Orangeburg, particularly Russell Street, is a popular area of town. Orangeburg has an active nightlife scene with different bars and restaurants open late. Many famous local events, including the County Fair and University Homecoming events, attract tourists to the town and bring the community together.

The Orangeburg Courthouse is located at 151 Docket Street, Orangeburg, SC 29115. Orangeburg is protected by various law enforcement officers and agencies. The Orangeburg County Sheriff is Leroy Ravenell, and inmates are held at the Orangeburg-Calhoun Regional Detention Center at 1520 Ellis Avenue, Orangeburg, SC 29118.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

lawyers talkingFor many families, nursing homes provide essential care and support for elderly loved ones. Many elderly individuals depend on these facilities, often owned by large corporations, to provide medical care and living assistance as they age. Over time, even the most careful nursing homes can slip and provide less than adequate care. In these cases, an essential relationship of trust between family and care facility has been violated and should be addressed.

Sadly, nursing home neglect is not uncommon and can happen in any living situation. Even when nursing homes have good intentions, many organizations face long hours, inadequate staff training, or improper staffing. Abuse and mistreatment are common when conditions like these are present. Neglect can be any number of actions, including bedsores, infections, and prescription errors.

Nursing homes have obligations to their patients. Nursing homes are responsible for their staff, facilities, and patient health. Nursing homes must provide a reasonably safe environment. Preventing predictable issues is an obligation of a nursing home. This obligation means that nursing homes can be liable for misaction.

Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of the common defenses used by nursing homes. In these types of lawsuit, nursing homes will try to make the cause of injury/mistreatment unclear. Nursing homes often try to demonstrate that they have met the minimum requirements of care. A nursing home may also try to shift the blame away from their staff. Attorneys can stand up to these companies and fight for you.

Contact our offices right away if you have been affected by the misconduct of a nursing home. Our team will work quickly and efficiently on your behalf. Our strategy will include working to preserve vital evidence and winning the compensation you deserve. Call our office today for a free consultation.

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