Winnsboro, South Carolina

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in South Carolina

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Winnsboro, South Carolina

Winnsboro trainWinnsboro is the county seat of Fairfield County, South Carolina. Winnsboro is a historic town located between the Midlands and the Upstate, affectionately referred to as ‘The Charleston of the Upcountry’. Between Charlotte, North Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina, Fairfield county also boasts two lakes within its borders. Over 11,000 acres of the Sumter National Forest is also located in Fairfield.

Winnsboro is a popular stop for motorists traveling between the major cities of Columbia and Charlotte due to its location directly between the two destinations. Interstate 77 runs directly through Winnsboro on the Columbia side and provides access from Winnsboro to Fort Jackson Military Base.

There are several famous landmarks in Winnsboro. Inside the original Thomas Company building is Laura’s Tea Room, a traditional tea room and popular tourist attraction. Serving as the Chamber of Commerce and polling location, the Winnsboro Town Clock has been in continuous operation for over a century. Winnsboro also hosts the SC Railroad Museum, possible the largest attraction in Fairfield County and a testament to the history of the county, originally a railroad town.

Because of abundant lake access in Fairfield County, Boating Under the Influence charges may be applicable. Boating Under the Influence is similar to a DUI charge and needs to be handled by an experienced attorney. The Lake Wateree State Park is an access area commonly used for recreational activities.

The Fairfield County Courthouse, located in downtown Winnsboro, is an iconic landmark designed in Greek Revival Style. The courthouse is still operational even though it was initially constructed in 1823.

Most offenders in Winnsboro are housed at the Fairfield County Detention Center. Most DUI arrests are made by South Carolina Highway Patrol, although some arrests may be made by the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office or local police. Depending on the agency making the arrest, detained individuals may be taken to any of a variety of detention centers before a bond hearing.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Lawyer writingMany families rely on nursing homes. It is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to become a caretaker for your own family. In these circumstances, we entrust nursing homes with day-to-day housing and medical care, and count on them to treat our family with respect and dignity. Violation of this trust is serious and should be handled as such.

Sometimes, even well-intentioned individuals do wrong. Nursing home abuse is disappointingly common and affects thousands of victims per year. Some abuse seems like negligence, and results from caretakers failing to provide even basic medical care. Other examples of abuse can include financial exploitation, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and psychological abuse. Even when victims should come forward, many do not because of embarrassment or fear or potential retribution from staff. Families should be equipped to notice signs of abuse and should take action by contacting an attorney.

Nursing homes have obligations to their patients. Nursing home facilities and staff are the responsibility of the company who owns the facility. Nursing homes are required to provide generally safe environments for their patients. Preventing predictable issues is an obligation of a nursing home. This obligation means that nursing homes can be liable for misaction.

Our attorneys thoroughly understand for what liabilities nursing homes are responsible. In these cases, nursing homes often claim no responsibility for injuries sustained. Nursing homes will often try to claim that minimum standards of care were met. In other examples, a nursing home will blame a pre-existing condition for injury or sickness, shifting blame from their staff. Our attorneys have experience with these types of defenses and will fight for you.

If you feel that you or a loved one has been abused by a nursing home, contact our offices right away. The nursing home attorneys at the Strom Law Firm have experience with nursing home regulations and standards of care, and will fight on your behalf. Contact us to begin the defense of your rights immediately.

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